nghenvironmental has been assisting Telstra with infrastructure development for over 15 years; including almost 10 years experience in mobile phone planning and development. We have prepared planning documents including environmental impact assessments and environmental management plans for over 70 sites throughout Australia. 

Telecommunication Planning Issues

We have also worked closely with a number of other clients in the telecommunications sector. Telecommunications infrastructure planning and management requires a detailed understanding of specific environmental  aspects, as well as Federal, State and local environmental and telecommunications legislation, planning policies and other planning instruments.

nghenvironmental has extensive experience with planning and environmental impact assessment for telecommunications infrastructure, including tower and linear infrastructure. Examples of some projects that we have completed are listed below.

  • Impact assessment and planning documents for over 70 mobile phone installations
  • Biodiversity assessment for a proposed optic fibre cable between Geraldton and Boolardy Station, AARNet, (c. 380km)
  • Targeted habitat assessment, Murchison Radio-Astronomy Observatory, Boolardy Station (c. 30km of corridors surveyed)
  • Marine impact assessment for submarine cabling across Port Stephens Bay
Environmental Management

nghenvironmental has also produced a number of Environmental Management Plans detailing environmental safeguards for proposed installations. In particular, we specialise in development of safeguards suitable for protection of sensitive sites such as national parks and areas where ecologically endangered communities  or threatened species are present.