What does it mean for business?

Sustainability is the concept of using natural resources to meet the needs of the present without compromising the needs of future generations. Within Australia and internationally, there are growing calls for sustainability to be factored into business operations and development. The identification of environmental risk and efficient resource use is central to this process and presents real opportunities for innovation and long-term value generation.

nghenvironmental offers a range of services to assist organisations to identify and manage their environmental footprint and become more sustainable. These include:

  • sustainability assessment
  • carbon analysis
  • environmental management plans
  • auditing and offset planning
  • reporting (including Sustainability and NGERS)
  • training

Our work is based on international standards such as AS/NZs 4360: Risk Assessment, ISO 14000 Environmental Management Systems and Global Reporting Initiative guidelings. This ensures your movement towards sustainable management for your organisation is backed by respected national and international standards.

Our services are tailored specifically for our clients according to Keep-it-Simple principles, ensuring organisational support and seamless integration of sustainability management systems into existing business structures. This is what our sustainability management tool Sumo is all about - please go to the Sumo website for more information.

Our Manufacturing page also has information on services relating to business sustainability.


Sustainability is complex. Sumo makes it simple.

Sumo is an environmental monitoring and reporting tool produced by nghenvironmental. Please go to the Sumo website for more information: