nghenvironmental works closely with industrial processing and manufacturing operations to improve environmental performance and increase the sustainability of production. The need for natural resource management in the manufacturing sector is greater today than ever before, with pressure coming from increased raw material prices, increasing electricity and energy costs, and greater community and political demand for cleaner and more sustainable production.

Sustainability Audits

An important first step towards meeting these goals is understanding your environmental exposures, risks and opportunities. Sustainability Audits can rapidly increase the knowledge of these environmental aspects and identify short, medium and long term needs to improve environmental performance. nghenvironmental has performed Sustainability Audits  within the manufacturing sector for major clients through to home-based operations.

Environmental Management Systems

To fully realise the potential environmental sustainability within the manufacturing sector, more and more businesses are turning towards credible, recognised and integrated business systems to guide them. Environmental Management Systems, which can be certified to international, national or industry standards, have become essential tools for businesses in improving operations to reduce environmental impacts. nghenvironmental has considerable experience in the preparation of Environmental Management Systems. We pride ourselves in preparing concise, and practical and implementable systems which rely on the innovation and strengths of your business, and not on lengthy documents and procedures.

Cost Savings through Environmental Management

nghenvironmental has an excellent track record in helping businesses reduce their costs of operations through practical environmental management solutions. Typically, cost savings can be readily achieved in areas such as:

  • Waste reduction
  • Recycling and reuse
  • Improved building sustainability through energy use efficiency
  • Technology exchange leading to long-term production efficiencies
Other Sustainability Services

nghenvironmental provides a comprehensive range of services for organisations seeking to become more sustainable. For more information on these services, please refer to our Sustainability page.