State and Federal Government

nghenvironmental provides Australian, state and territory governments with a range of specific natural resource, geospatial, heritage and environmental services which are considered to be value for money. These services include:

  • natural resource program monitoring and evaluation
  • natural resource assessments including biodiversity surveys
  • geospatial verification of threatened flora and fauna locations
  • heritage appraisals of places with natural or cultural values
  • environmental impact assessments and approval monitoring
  • environmental management system development
  • environmental performance auditing

nghenvironmental has prequailified with the ACT government to provide environmental management auditing and environmental study services including:

  • feasibility studies
  • planning studies
  • environmental impact studies

nghenvironmental has prequalified with the NSW government to provide environmental studies and environmental impact assessment services.

Local Government

nghenvironmental also provides similar, cost-effective services to local government. Such services include:

  • natural resource management planning and evaluation
  • natural resource project coordination
  • geospatial analysis of land use constraints
  • heritage asset protection planning
  • environmental reviews, impact assessments and auditing
  • environmental management system development
  • environmental monitoring and reporting
Public Works Experience

nghenvironmental has extensive experience in the roads and transport sector and public infrastructure, including water supply, sewage and other lineal infrastructure. Please see our Infrastructure page for further information.


Please follow this link to see some reports we have prepared for government (and other clients). An REF prepared for road works can be accessed from our Infrastructure page.