nghenvironmental has been working on sustainability issues in rural Australia for nearly 20 years and offers specific services in:

  • Environmental Management Systems for improved environmental performance
  • Environmental Auditing and Compliance for national and international certification systems
  • Life Cycle Analysis from farm gate to consumer
  • Biodiversity and biobanking
  • Soil and plantation carbon assessment, planning and management
  • Carbon analysis and NGERS reporting
  • Sustainability Reporting.

The emerging carbon economy will mean significant changes changes to the way farms are managed. It is foreseeable that many land-based businesses could receive more revenue from selling carbon credits through planting and managing native vegetation, biofuels, and reduced tillage for soil carbon. nghenvironmental has recently completed the first mandatory NGERS report for one of Australia's largest agricultural co-operatives and we are well equipped to help rural business respond to the growing need for sustainable management. For more information on our sustainability services generally,  please refer to our Sustainability page.